Saturday, January 14, 2012

1971 Toyota Crown MS75, 2JZ powered drag car

Found this while browsing the forums.  The pictures and youtube video were posted by Demon 2JZ.  Can't wait to see this project in person.  Looks to be very nicely done.  I copied the description from the Youtube video here:

1971 Toyota Crown MS75 Drag car. Been working on it for 4 years now! Finally started it today. .40 over 2jz powered. Billet mains, 1/2 inch studded. .94 pro-mod billet wheel. Hyper-tune intake, accufab body, 225lb inj. 16v system, Motec M600, w/ 280 hks cams. Thanks to Paul and Keith at Total Induction for all the wiring and plumbing, Mike Robinson for the sick chassis and fab work, Chris and Tito for the paint and body, Sean at Titan and Big Daddy Vjay for all the parts and advice. And Pepe Loco for helping us set it all up. Hopefully we'll be on the dyno soon then headed for a track near you!!

Shawn Cassady
Best Transmissions


  1. Can't wait to see it finished! Its look doesn't fade away.

  2. Good luck guys the car looks beast!! Plus 2jz the best plus pepeloco working on it priceless!!

  3. Watched this car pull high 7s at New England Dragway today. Very very insane